Texture Master Liquid
$ 19.6

Texture Master Liquid

multi-use diluent liquid

With multi-use Texture Master Liquid you can achieve transparent finish by diluting opaque textures of Concrete or any other cream products. Turn your pigments into watercolors and experiment with aquatic make-up.
Need to reanimate dry products? A few drops of Texture Master on the palette will make them as good as new.

Size: 50 ml

$ 19.6
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Mix Texture Master Liquid with cream or loose pigments and apply to the skin using a brush, sponge or simply your fingers.
Texture Master Liquid can be used as an 'eraser' to clean up winged liner or defined edges in make-up. Soak a clean flat brush in the liquid and make necessary corrections.
Made in Russia.




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Акварельные щечки 19 April 2019
Очень классно работает в паре с конкритами - дает нежный оттенок и простое нанесение :)) Любовь!
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