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"We know so much about cosmetics that we refuse to follow the common rules in creating products. Our philosophy – make-up without limits!"
Elena Krygina

About us

Krygina Cosmetics is a beauty brand created by a professional make-up artist Elena Krygina. We offer intuitive multifunctional cosmetics that consist of mutually complementary building blocks. Products can be mixed together to achieve infinite variety of make-up options.

The Idea

"In the times of oversupplied market I felt the need in smart simplification. I wished to use minimum of products, yet to achieve full make-up where no step is left out. It was all about one product replacing ten, or even more. That is how the idea of our flagship product – Concrete – was born, starting Krygina Cosmetics line that formed around it. I knew from the beginning that the release can’t be rushed - I needed time to put ideas together, to understand what I want and what I lack in my professional practice. It doesn’t just come to you, there is a lot of work - trials and errors. At some point I had a straight and clear concept of Cosmetics in my head, kind of like a light bulb turning on – “click!”.
Elena Krygina

Make-up for everything

"I never liked how cosmetic brands always assign their products to specific areas – 'lipstick' or 'eye pencil'. I needed multifunctional solutions to use anywhere: make-up for face and body"
Elena Krygina
With Krygina Cosmetics you can achieve multitude of looks – light and daily, bright and festive or designer artistic make-up – you decide. No matter what esthetics you stand for, we are all here – people in love with cosmetics. And that is the global idea that unites everything we do.

Your own color lab

With Krygina Cosmetics you create your own laboratory of colors and textures. All the products can be mixed together to achieve limitless results. With the use of several tubes and bottles you can create your own highlighter with exactly the finish you need, as well as mattifying primer, cream blush or your perfect shade of brow pomade. Our brand means more possibilities with fewer products!

New approach to make-up

"With Krygina Cosmetics I would like to help people feel beautiful, to highlight their individualities, rather than just make them apply products. Make-up should be a reflection of your inner self, not mandatory everyday routine"
Elena Krygina
Our goal is to change the approach to make-up application and consumption altogether. We offer a set of tools to help you explore your creativity and fulfill any of your greatest ideas.

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